Hair Buy Extensions 90 539 963 07 08

Hair Buy Extensions 90 539 963 07 08

The People of the metropolis are today, you seek alternatives to gain time and to minimize care processes. For example, permanent hair removal and long lasting make up. Of course,  our hair care preparations  are the most difficult. Here Eminem hairdresser comes with the professional staff and high quality materials for help. We offer many alternative as  peruke, hairpiece, hair keratin extensions for you.  Wie advise  about hair keratin extensions und varieties for you.

Micro Gel Hair Keratin Extensions- Hair Extensions Human Hair 0539 963 07 08 Wholesale

The well know method is the  most naturel looking extensions. Hairloks are very thin and lighter. It does’nt  make weight on your  hair and doesn’t wear out. Certainly, Micro Gel Hair Keratin Extensions don’t hurt for your hair.

Micro Gel Keratin Extensions Advantages:

It is possible neck up the entire head. It can be applied to all hair types . It is applicable for hormonal problems thinning hair. It is invisible, light and tidy. It does’nt seem to wenn touch the surface , they don’t feel. It offers comfort in hot weather. There are  convenient of the day and night hours as comfortable. You  can be used as a hair dryer, curling tongs, hair straighteners.

How does micro keratin extensions?

The hair is added with a special tool at 90 °. You  don’t feel pain during the keratin extensions and there is certainly no harm to your hair. It is harmless to health. This new is not only woman, men can make keratin extensions and it is possible only with “Micro Hair Extensions”. Our hair growing  0.5 -1 cm per month, so it looks the keratin extensions at run time. About 1 month later, you can correct your hair or completely remove from micro keratin extensions. Your hair will not be damaged due to the transaction.

Hair source with the screw beads

It is a classic method used by a hairdresser. Small rings (beads) wear the hair, after the extensions hair pass through these rings and it pressed into with a tweezers. The application is making on natural color 0.6 g of hair.

Ultra Tipped Hair Extensions (keratin hair) :

Ultra Tipped  hair extensions is with keratin  actually not a new technology. Only  preparing the  tippeds are made of keratin. Keratin and new generation beads system inside  are the silicon, when squeezed these bieds with pliers , the risk of diminishes damage to minimum at the extensions hair  or  breakage. You will have a problem-free result with the ultra tipped hair extensions.

Keratin Hair extensions:

It is excellent and natural solution for women who do’nt want to use beads. Hair and hair of keratin extensions heating with keratin and attached one another . Pliers and beads are in the hair, which does not look outside and it looks aesthetic.

Braid with clip hair extensions (no beads)

This technique is only special knot hair to the hair clamp, you can gain a naturel and light view. There are no glue and beads, the main drawback is long application time. Because hair tie one by one with hands (extensions). We see take 6 hours of application.

Nanofilamet Hair extensions:

Special feature of the latest technology hair extensions, added hair is very thin and light. Nanofilament hair extensions is very healthy and comfortable to use, in this hairpin are very thin strands of pinch 3/1 other hair extensions system. Uses glues is 4 times more powerful and durable used in other and it is durable medical nano technology and anti allergy transparent adhesive. It does’nt look through hair and it  is compatible with  all colour hair. So Nanofilamet Hair Extensions  integrate your natural hair and it looks more homogeneous, invisible and it takes a natural look. The duration of use of the Nanofilamet hair extensions is about 3 to 4 months. During the Nanofilamet hair extensions and when it came time to remove, it removed with special solution for your hair , your hair don’t  cause  any pain or you don’t see  damage.

Tres Hair extensions:

In the application, maximum hair is applied with a minimum of beads, about 350 to 400  hair extensions and it fixes with the 30 beads. In this way, don’t break, not wear off, not hair shedding  and it is invisible  extensions hair. This hair is real human hair , colorless and natural. We choose from 1st grade hair and it is dark hair, we color according to your wishes. If it is time to replace the exchange, each part in the same place again.

So  haircut model is stable and does’nt need a new model. The hair isn’t shortening and hair loss, you do not need to remove 3 or 4 times. You can use continuous the same hair. If you want to make your application, you don’t have to set a whole day for this purpose. You can have a maximum of 1.5 hours and beautiful hair in the clouring process.

Brazil Knot:

Brazil to lasting  hair dryer has different names , straightening or hair extensions techniques. It is manufactured in its own country (without beads) type, it has made by cross linking is of knot. Each hair wouldn’t apply and our experts will be applied to determining. It doesn’t offer for thin hair and bushy hair provides and it has perfect harmony with near to notice.

Hair Buy Extensions 90 539 963 07 08

Hair Buy Extensions  90 539 963 07 08 model

Hair Buy Extensions  90 539 963 07 08 wholesale

Hair Buy Extensions 90 539 963 07 08 keratin hair

Hair Buy Extensions 90 539 963 07 08 clip in

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